Home Purchase Legal Process

You need a solicitor who understands the house buying process

You'll need a solicitor to carry out the legal side of things - local searches, drawing up contracts and other legal matters relating to the purchase.

The homebuying legal process Legal fees are inevitable...

Selling or buying a home is, both legally and administratively, a complex business. The typical order of events varies somewhat, but there are generally three key stages to the legal process. These stages are as follows:

Stage 1 - Prior to Exchange of Contracts
The draft contract is received and negotiated, enquiries are made and the formal mortgage offer is received from the lender.

Stage 2 - Exchange of Contracts
The contract is signed and you hand over a deposit. Final accounts are prepared and the mortgage deed requested for you to sign. Final searches are made.

Stage 3 - Completion
You obtain the keys to your new home and receive the title deeds. Stamp duty is paid and the transfer is arranged at the Land Registry.

Once the solicitor has undertaken all of their work they will request the funds from the lender and agree a date to exchange contracts so that completion can then take place.

You will need to arrange buildings insurance to commence from the exchange of contracts.

Following completion of the mortgage you can move into the property. The lender will write to you to confirm when your monthly payments will need to be made and how much these will be for.

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